Not Exactly Cheating

In Everyday, Fandom, Fun, Life, Personal, Rant on October 7, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , , ,

Okay. Let’s be realistic. Although I’ve proven for two consecutive ears that I can draw a picture everyday, it’s not an easy feat to do. So for this year’s Inktober, I drew something in advance.

I drew two pictures today to cover for Day 7 and Day 8. But I didn’t completely finish the Day 8 picture so, it’s still technically gonna be a drawing for Monday.

I’ll try to do an advance drawing whenever I can so I don’t have to lose sleep or rush my stuff.

Ghad. This is what happens if you have a looooot of hobbies.

Welp, with two drawings done earlier today, I have more time to read mg book. Only 100+ pages left and I can finally move on to read better literary works! I’m so done with this trilogy. It’s insufferable to the end.


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