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I am aware that I don’t know much, but I am really interested how investing works and I might have just taken my first step.

My boss is a cool and smart guy so I told him about my interest when it comes to investing. I told him that if my money was just gonna be left in the bank, I won’t get any significant growth there.

So I asked him if he does investing and as a matter of fact, he does and recommended me this app, Robinhood.

It seems easy to understand. It shows you graphs of the ups and downs of a certain market, they categorize markets as well and gives you the price of each stock. Pretty basic if you think about it but I like it. It doesn’t look ‘complicated’ when it probably is.

Too bad that I signed up myself instead of getting a referral from him to get us both free stocks! Ughhhhhh!

But anyway, once I get at least 100$ extra money, I’ll start transferring funds to Robinhood and start investing.

I told my brother about it and it seems like he’s been reading about it too! I was shocked because I thought he was only happily spending money. Lol!

So he told me, why not do mutual funds instead. I am actually not familiar with it but he gave me a quick lecture about it and you know what, it isn’t bad either! I need to dig deeper into it tho but that’s another option for me. Eep! Hope I get the time to learn more about this :3

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