Lexie the Artist

In Everyday, Fun, Life, Personal on October 12, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,

My ghad! I’m so proud of myself! I drew a lot of pictures today!!! All BoA pics since I’m done with the IZONE members. Eep!!!

Ghad… I miss drawing BoA… and I actually am very satisfied with it!!! I didn’t mess up at all! Yay me!

I did extra sketches today tho in case I’ll be out of time in the coming days. Just covering my ass. Anyway, they’re just sketches. Better draw more in a day to be completed at a later time instead of missing a day of Inktober coz that would drive me insane!!!

If I commit, I COMMIT!!!

I’m just soooo happy! Now I don’t think I can ever skip Inktober now! It gives me euphoria! At least for right now. Hope the feeling lasts!

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