Not Cool, Best Buy

In Life, Personal, Rant on October 14, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,

Omg, I can’t believe I spent a few hours just to pre-order my Apple watch online! Ugh. I don’t know why they make it so difficult for everybody!

So on October 1, I went to the Joliet branch to purchase my watch. Unfortunately, it’s not available until two weeks later (around this time). So what they suggested was to just pre-order it and for me to wait until it’s finally in stock.

The only reason I even bothered going to the store in the first place was because the coupons that they send via email are apparently only applicable for in store purchases!!!! They really make it a point to make it difficult for you to use it! And there’s also an expiration date so your options are limited. Grr.

So fine, I won’t use any of the coupons they sent me coz I just want the goddamn thing so I went online to order it and get it on the 16th. It’s free shipping anyway so it’s less hassle for everybody.

BUT OF COURSE, they wouldn’t let me use the 5$ gift certificate I have!!! Ughhhh! So many hindrances!!!

So I ended up calling their support center and after talking to them for 30 mins, they can’t even give me all the savings I deserve! My watch costs 399$ before tax and they’re telling me that I’m not eligible for a 12 month financing like wtf is wrong with this agent. Just a simple google would tell you that you are eligible for it and they can’t even see that in my transaction? Ughhh. And I can’t seem to enter the codes for the 5$ certificate anywhere in the order sheet so in the end, they just credited me for it.

BUT STILL! How can a simple process be so difficult! What a waste of time. Good thing I was still able to finish all my projects for today or else, I’ll be so pissed. Ugh.

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