It Doesn’t Hurt

In Life, Personal, Rant on October 17, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , ,

Today is leg day again. I was actually dreading the day coz the last time I did leg day (my first time doing it when I started going to the gym), I was crippled!!!

But I guess because I only spent a little over one hour at the gym as opposed to my usual 2 hours, I didn’t get to do much. It wasn’t up to the point where my muscle actually feels the burn. Which was a bit disappointing but oh well, what can I do? Haha!

On a different note, I started doing little ‘runs’ on the treadmill. For one minute straight, I tried running on the treadmill. Ghad, my heart was burning and my heart rate was off the roof!!!! I did a one minute run three times and I think imma start doing that from now on. So at least I can cut down my time on the machine because obviously, that will rake me enough steps in a shorter time plus I burn more calories faster :3


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