Wheaton Bank & Trust

In Life, Personal, Rant, review on November 30, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , ,

So since three weeks ago, my bank have given me constant headaches. First, they didn’t send me new cards (it’s a joint account between me, my brother and my dad). So when I used my card to purchase something and was declined, I was so shocked!

So I called them that day and asked for a replacement. They didn’t give me a hard time. They asked me a few questions and then told me they’re gonna send a replacement card within 7-10.

I got the pin for that card… but never the debit card itself which I need!!!!

Ughhhh… so I’ve called back a second time, this time, a different person assisted me but he failed to solve the problem at all. In fact, he just made it worst!!! I only called anyway to ask the ETA for my dad’s debit card but he can’t even release that because I’m not the person on the card!

So after two days, I called again, quipped with a debit card that is under my name. But of course, that same person made it a frustrating ordeal again because he told me that he closed my debit card because it was inactive… WITHOUT INFORMING ME!!! Like… who would do that??? Even if it has money, they’ll just close it for people who doesn’t use the card? For what reason??? To protect us???? All it did was to hassle me!

And of course, he can’t send me a new card via mail too! That guy wanted me to go to a bank so they can issue me one! I don’t want to go to the bank ffs. And why can’t I have the convenience of getting it in the mail??? Are they that poor that they can’t spare a postage??? Should I pull out my money now??? Coz OH MY GHAD!!!! How hard is it to send me a new card??????

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