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I miss my old co-workers. Ever since I started working at Artistic, there has been a lot of people who had come and go but there was this time when the team was so awesome.

My old coworkers would go out and eat, actually have things in common and we just really get along so well.

But now, to be honest, a lot of my new coworkers sucks.

There were more older people now who are boring and doesn’t exhibit team spirit. Like last Thanksgiving. We were supposed to decorate the department but they can’t even be bothered.

And now during Christmas too. I don’t think they’re willing to bring something to help beautify the department.

Also, there were a few people too, who didn’t want to participate in the Christmas exchange gift! Like sure, I can understand one of my coworker. He was honest and said that he didn’t have budget for it coz he just bought a house and renovating it. But the other two oldies? They just can’t be bothered. And I know I shouldn’t be bothered, but I am. They try so hard to detach themselves so iuno… it just sucks.

I really miss my old team…

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