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I don’t know when I’ve been very particular about my teeth but I just am. I really notice it right away. Sometimes, I notice it even before a person’s eyes. Which is not really typical.

So I feel a little devastated and a part of me dies, each time I notice a defect on my teeth.

You see, I take care of my teeth. I brush my teeth twice every day using an electronic toothbrush (unfortunately, I don’t feel comfortable brushing my teeth at public places like where I work at, so I never do it outside my house), floss every day, use a whitening mouth wash and use an antibacterial mouthwash as well.


So seeing a defect even after all the precautions I’ve done, it really feels so tragic. And it’s on the buccal side of my anterior tooth too! Granted, nobody would’ve noticed it unless they look at my teeth at 5 inches distance (and if they even remotely know what to look for) but still!!!

I feel really upset about it! Grrr! I can clearly see the cracklines! Dammit!

So tonight, I vowed to myself not to have any ice in any of my beverages from now on. I like munching on them since a long time ago so my dentist said I have microfractures in my teeth. They’re not bad. And I don’t think I have any decays either (tho I needa visit the dentist soon). But prevention is better than cure. So I’m giving it up from now on. Or buy a reusable straw because I also stopped using straws to help the environment.

Still, I’m proud that in my 30+ years, I’ve never had any major teeth problem. Except for a gummy smile but it’s not like I can do anything about that. Haha!

Sighhhhhhh. I hope I don’t discover any imperfections anymore…

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