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A few days ago, on the 18th, I celebrated by 32nd birthday! It’s a big number but honestly, I don’t feel much difference. It’s just like a regular day…

But I’m happy that I got a birthday cake from JH and that R treated me to an all you can eat KBBQ! It’a definitely one of my favorite food and I have been celebrating my birthday at a KBBQ place a lot, especially when I was in California. Haha!

We went to Mr. Kimchi and I can definitely say that I’ll come back there again! It’s such a great place with a very pleasant environment :3

And I get to take a cool picture!

Anyway, my birthday picture’s theme for this year is a ‘Super Hero’.

I guess it symbolizes my desire to be strong and to face problems straight on. I want to feel powerful to tackle anything on my way, especially in this adult life I’m currently tiptoeing. Haha!

I wish that this year, I’ll have more blessings and happy times!

And to all the wished me a happy birthday, thanks everyone!

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  1. aww happy belated bday Lexie ♡♡♡ hope u had an amazing bday

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