Review: The Magicians

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I had such great expectations for this book.

The fact that one of my good friend loved it, and the fact that it was signed up for a TV series, were clues for me to think that it’s gonna be awesome!

I know some people compared it to Harry Potter, like its adult version, but to be honest, the only thing remotely ‘similar’ to them was the fact that they go to a School of Magic. (I have zero attachment to the place that I can’t even remember the name of their school).

And it would be great, knowing how these kids learn magic and the overall presentation of this world but… reading the story just felt both long and short.

It felt long because the characters spent so much time together in school but nothing really exciting every really happened. I was in page 300+ and it was barely picking up!

And then it felt short because they tackled 5 years of magic school in 300 pages (or less. I forgot. But I couldn’t be too far off).


I didn’t even have time to remember any of their school subjects or the names/numbers of the available Disciplines! It didn’t give me a chance to immerse in their world.

And what was even more unbelievable was the fact that almost throughout the book, everything was in narration. It was 90% narration of what’s happening between the characters and then 10% dialogue. So, liking any of the characters was hard, too.

To me, hearing (or in this case, reading) the way they interact with characters with their own words, brings out their character. Here, I can only rely on how Quentin sees these people.

And that’s the other thing too. I really don’t like Quentin. He was the one who fucked up but he had the audacity to freakin’ blame Alice of everything. He’s a total jackass. He reminds me of Ross from FRIENDS.

Totally insufferable.

And it’s so funny how they were all supposed to be a brilliant magician in their own right but they can’t do magic to simplify chores or whatever. Like that scene when Elliot was drunk after hosting the party and Janet and Quentin carried him with difficulty by hand instead of… you know, use magic? Why go all through that trouble?

Lastly, the assumption that whoever would pick up this book would automatically know about the story about Fillory is not a good idea. At least not to everybody who reads The Magicians series.

Tbh, I read so many mixed info about Christopher Plover, the alleged writer of the Fillory books these guys were so obsessed with, that I still don’t know if he’s a real person or not!

So the fact that they discuss Plover’s book in the story so much, and as a person who hasn’t even heard of it before, it gets frustrating. I don’t get the context. And it just doesn’t add to the already very low appeal of this book to me…

I am going to read other books that interests me before I continue with this series coz ugh. It feels like a total waste of precious time…

(Maybe I’ll just watch the TV series, haha!)

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