Review: 99 Percent Mine

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I was having a hard time finishing up a book. It was just, not my cup of tea. So I was ranting to my friend about how terrible it was and how I want to stop reading it but knowing me, I’ll persevere… because I don’t like dropping a book… Too much guilt feelings.

And I guess she pitied me so much that the next day, she sent me three chick lit novels.

I downloaded it right away and decided to pick one of the three books she sent me.

I picked 99 Percent Mine.

I’ve actually never heard of Sally Thorne before. And the cover for her book isn’t actually my style… but since my friend recommended it and I saw this listed as one of the Hottest Romance Books in 2019 on GoodReads, it really piqued my interest.

So I picked the book and started reading it and omfg. I COULDN’T STOP READING!!!

Idk if it was because the last book I read sucks so bad but wow… just WOW!

I was blown away. I didn’t expect how crazy good this book is! The dynamic between Darcy and Tom was off the roof!!! I’ve never felt so into the characters hooking up as much as I wanted them to!

The hot scenes were like excerpts from fanfics. AND I LOVE FANFICS! I love them because they usually give you the story that the book fails to give you. But here, it gives you all the delicious details. Everything you want to happen between the two main characters. And it’s amazing! (There’s actually a lot of great fanfics out there so that makes you wonder why they’re not published yet… go read one!)

But anyway, it was refreshing that for the first time, it was the female character who is forward. She knows what she wants and demands it without batting an eyelash.

I mean… ‘Get in me‘?

Ghad. Iconic.

I was so charged just reading about them and see (read?) how palpable the sexual tension between them. I can’t imagine how the author even wrote that. But whatever, it’s a pleasure to all of us readers. Haha!

But don’t get me wrong. The novel is not just about the hot scenes. In fact, we only got that almost towards the end of the story. It’s not ‘the’ story.

This book was actually written really well. The author carefully brought Darcy to life. She’s not perfect, but instead, she’s very… real. She doesn’t cater to bullshit, she has backbone, she has pride, she has personality and her own vulnerability. It’s a delight how she handled everything headstrong but then crumble when her weaknesses were highlighted. The thing that makes her ‘real’.

Here, we also see how savage she is when describing Jamie that you can’t help but to hate him too. And although Jamie ended up being an interesting character in the end, I understand why Darcy portrayed her brother as such. Again, going back to her own vulnerability. But man, I actually like Jamie! Haha! He’s your typical asshole brother but is actually a fluffy teddy bear :3

He truly cared for Darcy.

While Tom is just… wow. Yummy. I love everything about this guy. Even his complicated feelings for the twins. Haha! But at least we see how wonderful he is and why everybody loves him.

Ugh. I have nothing but praise for this book. I can go on and on. It’s such a gift from God. Sally Thorne is easily one of my favorite authors now! And I’ll be sure to watch out for her other works! Ugh. I just love it to death!

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