Review: The Hating Game

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Wow. Sally Thorne is freakin’ BRILLIANT!!!

Besides Sophie Kinsella, I think she’s one of the best chick lit authors out there! She’s just… she’s so good at feeding us all those clichés THAT ACTUALLY WORKS!

I didn’t even cringe, not once!

Ghad. She nailed all my favorite tropes. With best friends to lovers with 99 Percent Mine and then now, with enemies to lovers with The Hating Game!

I kennat–

I feel so blessed that Sally Thorne exists in this lifetime!

Ugh. Lucy and Josh are just so… uuuggghhhh! I love how the author gave us enough time to really hate Josh in Lucy’s point of you so when we finally see the ‘real’ Josh, it’s even more endearing…

Everything that happened here is prolly something you’ve already read somewhere before (or even thought about yourself) but it’s the execution that sets Thorne apart from everybody else. It’s like… she knows EXACTLY what you want and it’s just so wonderful to be the recipient of all the feels. You just wanna drown with it, haha!

I love how Lucy described her absolute hate for Josh. It’s so entertaining. It makes you laugh despite yourself (and it’s full of it throughout the whole book).

Ooooohhhh, how I looooove it! Wapecially when that hate transitioned to understanding, and then love…


I didn’t feel like anything was rushed. It was dealt with thorough care. You can feel that Thorne adored her characters, too so she made sure that they redeem themselves from all their shortcomings and give them their happy ending. Ugh. It’s just so perfect!

Ghad, I can’t even compose a decent thought because of all these overwhelming feelings. But just know that it’s a a great read and now I can’t wait for the movie adaptation! I WANT IT! Haha!

To you Thorne, it’s been real :3

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2 Responses to “Review: The Hating Game”

  1. This book was so freaking incredible!! I am so glad so many people love it because that is what it deserves. Sally Thorne did an awesome job with this one, and I can’t wait to pick her new book up!!!

    • I was incredibly surprised how refreshing and awesome Sally Thorne is! Where has she been all this time! I can’t believe I’ll ever read something, that is not a fanfic, that has ALL the elements I love in a story that actually fits together! Ughhhhh… she’s such a blessing!

      I can’t wait to read more of her works!

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