Review: I Owe You One

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Kinsella never disappoints! Kinsella is always a safe choice!

I throughly enjoyed this story! Fixie is such a cute and charming character. I love her convictions in life despite all the hardships she went through.

The dynamics between her and her siblings, their relationship, it gutted me a few times because she’s always getting the short end of the stick because of her love for them. I mean sure, sometimes it’s unhealthy, but that’s how you get to appreciate her growth even more. She needed to be pounded a few times so she can be firm on her feet.

But not just her, Nicole and Jake as well. I like that not only Fixie got to grow from all these but also her older siblings… that in the end, they truly cared for each other.

Even the other minor characters are amazing! Leila and Hannah and even Morag really became a solid character in the book.

I know a lot of people picked this up for the romance, and I do enjoy Fixie and Seb’s relationship, but I’m happy that it wasn’t the main focus of the book… because if it were, then, it’ll be too shallow…

I didn’t like the fact that Seb flip-flopped between Fixie and the old girlfriend, but if he didn’t, then their relationship would be even more perfect because I really do think that they suit each other. They do understand each other…

But the ending was suuuuuper satisfying! I could not have asked for more! Ahhh… I’m so happy reading this book :3

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