Praise, Praise, Praise

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This week, we had our CIP workshop. So there were a few new people who visited the lab.

Since there’s almost 100 people working for my lab, the workshop was divided into groups, by departments, so it’ll be more personal and organized.

Since I can do almost all the jobs in my department, I was asked to attend both the workshop for CAD and CAM.

It happens that the printing room was the closest one to the conference room so I was the first one to attend in my group. The workshop people and the President was there, together with some managers, when I arrived.

All of a sudden the President blurted out that I’m a star, and listed all the things I can do for the lab! Out of nowhere! And I really don’t know how to respond to that so I just laughed awkwardly. Haha!

So after my CAM workshop, a few days after, I was called again to do the CAD workshop. This time, I have an idea what’s gonna happen so I was more comfortable. I even volunteered to be the scriber.

And I know that another person volunteered to be a Leader but since she chose to seat instead of directing the team from the front, iuno, I just started standing up instead and kind of, start leading the group together with her?

I have no intention of stealing the spotlight from her (and I don’t think she was offended by it?) but I just felt that she needed help stirring the group in the right direction because some people (actually, just one person. S) are just complaining and dominating the whole discussion. Sometimes, that person would even talk over while others were talking and I was just… not on my watch.

So yeah, I started doing more than what I was supposed to do.

(Plus, I got annoyed how she listed so many issues in CAD but was not as willing to champion the documentation for it. She’s all complain, not a problem solver. Ghad, so frustrating! Everybody saw how useless she was. Pretty embarrassing for her…)

Honestly, I don’t have any ulterior motives behind it. I don’t even like public speaking or being the center of attention but a few hours after our session, my boss, the VP, talked to me in the printing room and told me that I impressed the workshop people? Apparently, those facilitators thinks that I’m smart and that I did a good job at the discussion. They even told my boss that I’m a keeper because I’m such a good worker and I was just… I can’t believe it. Haha!

And it was funny how they asked about me from my boss. They pointed where I was seated to identify who they were talking about. Haha!

Anyway, Idk how they were able to sum all that up in that one hour we had the workshop that day but wow… that was really flattering. Because there’s no way I could’ve brown nosed on them and in return, coax them to tell my boss all those good stuff about me. Right?

And then today, is the last day they will be conducting the workshop. I was talking to the scary manager at the time when the facilitator greeted me in the morning and even mentioned my name! As if he knows me personally! So I turned to my scary manager and kind of asked how they even know or remember my name. And my scary manager was like, ‘I don’t think you know how influential you are in the lab.’

And I was so shocked, I was gaping at him and was unable to come up with any coherent answer to that. And as if that was not such a blow already, he even followed it up by saying I’m one of his favorite employee and I knew that my face just brightened, and was all smiley smiley so he laughed and told me that it shouldn’t get into my head. Haha!

But I mean… wow.


It feels nice hearing all the praises! I don’t want to be pessimistic and think that these were just empty words especially when one of the praises was from someone who doesn’t even know me…

So instead of questioning their sincerity and be cynical, I’ll just accept the compliments and work harder. Anyway, I really love my company. I was really lucky to be a part of them ‚̧

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