Dwindling Number

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Yesterday, MJ surprised me with the news that she’s leaving the lab.


She’s quitting…

It came out of nowhere! I didn’t even think she was considering leaving the company! But it seems another lab offered her the same job for a 10$ increase in her current hourly rate in the lab. And honestly, that’s such a great offer to pass out…

Even if it means moving to Denver, Colorado.


She’s moving out of state too! Eep! It’s gonna be a big move and she’s honestly scared. For the first time in her life, she’ll be leaving Illinois where she lived all her life…

But it seems like this new lab really wants her. They’re even paying for her moving expenses and her first day is on May 24. So yesterday, she gave our boss her two weeks notice…

My ghad. I still can’t believe it. She’s one of my good friend. She introduced me to keto diet and have been a great support as I start a healthier lifestyle. She coached me about working out and diet regimen and… it’s just really sad.

But life goes on and I want to wish her success so I told her to go grab the opportunity.

Wow… all my friends are leaving the lab one by one… it’s honestly so disconcerting but oh well. We’ll manage. And Hope we’ll keep the communication going even in the distance between us. Sighhh…

All the best MJ!

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