Review: The Magician King

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It took me a month to finish this novel.

I thought this second installment would be better, more exciting… what, with Julia’s addition to the story and all. I thought she’ll be able to give some spice to the story but she’s just as depressing as Quentin… tho I’m glad, she’s not as insufferable as him.

At least her flashbacks weren’t terrible. At least until it was explained how she got her power…………….

I honestly thought that that was so unnecessary. It was actually quite disturbing that I had to set aside the book and just shake my head with disbelief. I do not understand why it had to play out that way just to show how tragic her life’s journey to find magic. It’s just so… extra.

It doesn’t help either that the author seems to hyper sexualize everything. Like come on, the parting of the trees or whatever is erotic now as per Eliot. COME ON.

Again, I didn’t have any favorites. I thought Julia could be my favorite but that went downhill right away. I really should have no expectations about this book. It’s more of a chore to read this book than anything…

(And oh I didn’t think they wouldn’t even mention Alice here. I wasn’t expecting that.)

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