Review: Red Queen

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I’m not gonna lie.

Reading YA sometimes scares me… now in my early 30s, I feel that I’m too old to read about a teenager’s story. Or that I might be too jaded to be agreeable with some plots. Because I noticed that the love stories that used to make me go aww, makes me cringe so much.

So when I picked up this book, I was prepared to be disappointed… I almost didn’t pick up this book. But it was such a pleasant surprise that this book actually blew me away!!!


Okay, I can’t say that Mare is my favorite character, being the protagonist and all, but as the trigger to get the story going, she was really instrumental. She’s the propaganda and honestly, in some ways, she reminds me of Katniss and how she crawled her way to be the face of a revolution. I liked how Mare’s status changed and progressed.

A-NY-WAY, while reading the story, I was so sure that one of the princes will be the bad guy. But who it would he, was a mystery to me until we get to the plot twist and oh… my… god…

I really did not expect that coming!!! I mean, I was leaning into the fact that Maven might be the bad guy in this story but how it unraveled was just… it was brilliant!

I actually felt betrayed but at the same time impressed by it because I got played as well. The political aspect of the story was well written.

I really, really enjoyed this first installment of the series! Learning the story about this world is interesting and I want to know more! More!!!

And then those ending words… ughhhh! Victoria Aveyard really knows how to grip you with her story and all I can say is that I’m an instant fan!

(Nobody asked but Farley is definitely my fave character.)

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