Review: Bird Box

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I like sweet and fluff. That’s my type of book. I know I’ve been branching out with the type of novels I’ve read recently but Bird Box is perhaps the only novel that really made me scared at night… Heck, I even had bad dreams about it!!!

And reading it at this time, with COVID-19 being a pandemic now, just heighten my feelings and imagination.

But wow… Just a lot of praise for this book, honestly! I would not have picked this book if it wasn’t for the movie (that I really enjoyed too). But man, am I so happy I was introduced to this book!

Both the book and the movie are good. But I might be slightly bias over the book… I was just so delighted by how easy it is for Josh Malerman to create such a vivid world with such simplistic description. He didn’t use grandiose words or an over detailed illustration of the scenes. He wrote everything with care that no words were wasted.

And yet–!

And yet, you can feel the full force of Malorie’s heart wrenching journey. The suspense was palpable and effective. As a reader, we were really seeing the world as how Malorie sees it. And that’s a real feat!

There was this scene where Don and Jules were getting water from the well and I kid you not, that scene was really nerve-wracking for me! Just the fear of the unknown. The things around you that you can’t see… It really got me even if it was described so plainly. Ugh, it was just so good!

Also, I actually thought the time skips will be confusing the heck out of me but it worked so well that I just want more. I wanted to know more but before I know it, it ended.

And it’s not really a bad thing. I thought the story was good as it is. But Josh Malerman did such an incredible job that you can’t help but crave more. Ugh.

At least we’re having Bird Box 2. Let’s hope it’ll be as good as the first one!!!

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