World Is On Halt.

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Aren’t you scared waking up and reading what’s happening in the world?

‘Coz everyday, especially since the beginning of the month, it’s been crazy out there. With COVID19 cases just gaining in numbers, it just seems so hopeless. Everywhere in the world, they’re battling this new strain of virus. And since the elderly and people with underlying conditions are most susceptible, it makes you fear the unknown even more. Especially me who lives with both my senior citizen parents…

And what’s worst, is the fact that your livelihood is seriously at stake. (on top of everything, right?)

Last Friday at work, our President and Vice President, gathered everybody so we can have a huddle (everybody were wearing a mask and we have space in between).

They were straight with us and told us the reality we’re in. Just like what we’re feeling, everything seemed so uncertain to them. They’ve never experienced something like this so they are unsure how to deal with it but to keep themselves informed and tread the water day to day.

That said, we were informed last Friday that Illinois will implement a shelter in place order. It is a step to combat the spread of COVID19. So with that, a lot of Dental Offices were ordered to close down for about 2 to 3 weeks.

And since we are a dental lab, we are directly affected by this. Without cases from the Dentists, we wouldn’t have any work. So whatever load we have, which isn’t much, won’t be enough to employ a full house of technician.

So it was with a heavy heart that our VP told us that we would have to be asked to stay at home until we get more work. And they honestly don’t know how long this will last… They are aware that this is something that will really affect us in ways that they can’t even imagine but that’s the reality of it.

So now, we’re in limbo… Ugh. I really hate this.



(Event happened on 3/20, Friday.)

I hate it for the most part except for one thing that happened that day.

This may come out as real mean, and I know. But for what it’s worth, she brought it to herself.

So, after the company huddle, the VP gathered the CAD/CAM department and talked to us more. You can see the stress in him as our VP was explaining their decision about letting majority of the their employees to just stay at home starting next week. He also announced that they will let go of our CAD manager earlier than his proposed resignation date on April 1st, and lastly, he also announced the 4 people who will be working on Monday.

J was one of the people selected to come to work on Monday and then S just had to butt in and was questioning the fact that J was selected to work again when she was already asked to stay at home on Tuesday.

And I kid you not, our VP was mad. He was like, “If you will keep on challenging me, you should just leave.”

I’ve never heard him snap at somebody, especially a woman, ever before. And in that tone too… In front of everybody! It was scary. And the room fell into silence. But even after that, S just won’t shut up. I swear to god. She just kept on asserting herself so Danny followed up with an exasperated answer for her. He explained how, he spent the whole morning with the Directors, just trying to have a contingency plan for everybody. How difficult it was for him to check and cross out people who would be needed at work because of how it will impact them. How he’s been losing sleep because he was so worried about everybody… but in this situation, his hands are tied. He also mentioned that the people chosen are based on their skill set. (which, on hindsight, was kind of a blow on her)

That conversation cemented the fact that S is soooooo done. And that the company is prolly just waiting for the perfect opportunity to let her go because she’s just… more of burden than an asset to the lab.

She’s irritable, she doesn’t retain information, she makes a lot of mistakes, she lies about work by leaving behind difficult cases to be scanned by the night person, she snaps at people, she doesn’t listen, she complains and complains instead of finding solutions for her problem, she curses a lot and out-loud and she’s just not what you would call a team player…

She’s lucky she was even given the chance to stay for this long… THREE FREAKIN’ YEARS!!!

For three years, she antagonized me and stained my name and told my boss I was mean to her. And sure, I was prolly stern with her but only because I am not the type of person to patronize her. We’re all adults there and I am not there to treat her like a child and protect her fragile heart.

Work is work. She needs to keep up. She should know her job especially if it’s something that she’s been doing for three years now. Ghad. The most aggravating person ever.


So after the CAD/CAM meeting, she booked off her cases and called out to our CAD manager and told him she’s leaving. Now. And since our CAD manager is no longer working for us, he told her he should bring it up to K.

“I’m not your manager from now on. If you have anything to say, tell that to K.”

“Then you can just tell him.”

“I told you, I’m not your manager anymore.”

“He’s right thee, just tell him.”

Our CAD manager kept his stance (for once!) so S didn’t have a choice but to talk to K.

“Hey K, I’m going home now. I don’t feel good”

And with that, she left.

LOL. She didn’t feel good because she was ripped apart by our VP. That she totally lost her support with that. She was ashamed.

Oh well, our company interviewed a new person for a scanning position and according to K, they kinda don’t have any plans to call her back again for work anyway so I hope… this is a good sign. We can’t have her negativity anymore. She’s so toxic.

We’ll just have to see.

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