Review: Gone Girl

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Gone Girl is probably the most fxxcked up book I’ve ever read in my whole life and a freakin’ love it!

I don’t usually read/watch thrillers but for a change, I decided to pick this up since I’ve had this on my list forever. I haven’t seen the movie either so I picked this book without any expectations but man… This is just something else!

I have no idea how everything will play out every turn of the page. I’ve honestly never read anything where I was so focused on the current page I’m reading. Usually, my mind will wander and try to predict what is to come up next. But the story here is so complex, unpredictable, and like I said, fxxcked up that I have no choice but to just wait until everything unfolds.

Wow. Just wow.

Maybe because I wasn’t exposed to this kind of genre, or Gillian Flynn is just a genius to be able to think about all this but I was just, really taken by it!

I was talking with one of my friends and we were like, “Whatever happened to Flynn for her to even think about writing something like this?”

It was that amazing!

Once I’m done being high with this novel, maybe I can start her other novels. Wish me luck! HAHA!

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