Review: Inspection

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Because I loved Bird Box, of course I would be compelled to check out the other books of Josh Malerman! And out of everything he’s written, Inspection really caught my attention.

I like the premise of it. An experiment about raising children from birth where they would hide the gender from the other. This was done so they, The Parenthood, could raise geniuses without them getting distracted.

And they did. The kids grew up intelligent, alright. The logic behind raising them up without the knowledge of the opposite sex has been successful. Only, in their delicate years at age 12, they start to really question things. About their own reality. And it didn’t help that one of the Letter Girls, K, discovered the existence of the other by accident, and so did J. An Alphabet Boy.

This fueled both of their curiosity until a boy met a girl in person. And then all hell breaks loose.

HONESTLY THO! I did not expect the turn of events towards the end of the book! The kids were all so timid and they just blindly follow whatever it is The Parenthood tells them to do or think so it’s hard to imagine the flip. It also didn’t help that establishing the story was a bit slow in the beginning until the second part of the book so I thought the pace will keep on. It was basically just describing at length how the Alphabet Boys and the Letter Girls were raised. The pacing of that didn’t really bother me unlike others. In fact, I was rather curious how fucked up The Parenthood was in implementing their make-up-world so I enjoyed reading.

But I gotta admit, After reading more and more, I can say that I’m more biased with K… In fact, I think she’s really the one who carried the story and got the wheels going even if it started with J. K has this intense inquisitiveness that brought her to the answers she was seeking ever since she learned of the other tower. Because she’s talented and brave, she was able to observe the other tower for about a year until she’s had enough. She’s tired of the lies. It’s time to take their life. And it is in a way where they took out lives…

It’s like 0 to 100. I was just, shocked.

Coz remember, they’re only 12.

I actually rated this book a 5 if only for the shock factor in the end but then switched it to a 4 when I reassessed my feelings more carefully. I bet Josh Malerman penned this story for that shocking ending so dealing with the actual growth and development of a person was not tackled as thoroughly.

Like the other readers, it would have been a good angle to also explore the kids sexuality growing up. How growing up with just boys around would affect that aspect of their lives. Same with the girls. Looking back, the author was very safe and superficial.

But hey, the book in general is really good so I can live without it. It was original. So there you go. If you ask me, I would definitely recommend this book especially with that kind of ending. HAHA! (Sorry, I still can’t get over it so I keep on repeating it.)



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