Review: The Queen Of Nothing

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The Queen of Nothing
I can’t believe I finished this series already! I have such bittersweet feelings because I didn’t want it to end but at the same time, I wanted to know how it all ended…

Such complicated feelings again…

So anyway, in this final installment, The Queen Of Nothing, Jude found a way to go back to the faerie world after being exiled. It’s both risky and exciting. The world of the faerie is the world she came to embrace as her own. So of course, when Taryn asked Jude for help to face a court interrogation in her place (since she can’t be glamoured), Jude agreed. She agreed even if she knows the danger she’ll be facing as soon as she steps bac to ElfHame.

And true enough. It was not gonna be easy. Cardan, now the High King of Elfhame, knew that Jude was only pretending to be Taryn at the first sight of her. Many thoughts entered her mind when she realized she was found out. She thought of ways to escape and save herself from further punishment. But before she could even execute her escape plan, she was taken away and was kept at Madoc’s camp of traitors. The last place she would rather be. So once again, she was faced with the dilemma of finding a way to get away and surprisingly, with the aid of Oriana. But of course, it wouldn’t be easy by any means…

Yeah, all that happened in just the beginning of the book!

Seriously. This series just whizzed past me. It’s a fast paced and thrilling book. Like Holly Black‘s trademark, no page was wasted in writing the conclusion of this book. From beginning to end, every word written is relevant. The characters and their role helped bind the story to completion.

It’s really sooooo good! So satisfying!!! I have no words but praise!

In this last book, Jude and Cardan finally took off their armor and revealed their vulnerable selves. The vulnerability of admitting to themselves how much they love the other. The way their love blossomed, truly was beautiful. It was not forced nor unbelievable. We were given such a gift where we saw what true love is. It may not be in a way that is easy and predictable, but in a way where you know it’s real.

And honestly, they really deserve each other and I will not tire to ship them for all eternity! It’s proven time and time again how sexy and delicious those two are on top of everything!

But of course, they are not the only one that I enjoyed reading about. I enjoyed reading about Grima Mog ascent to the High Court, The Ghost’s story, The Bomb and the Roach’s budding love story, Nicasia’s redemption, Heather’s quest for Vivi, Madoc’s rightful punishment (I can’t hate the guy!), and everybody’s story, really. I love how all of them had their moment to shine. Their ending was fitting.

And speaking of endings, that epilogue was soooooo epic!!!! It couldn’t be even more perfect than that!!! With Cardan experiencing Jude’s mortal world as well.

Sigh… I hope to read such a great story again after this. I know it will be hard to top this but just like how I picked up this book, I hope to discover more wonderful books in the future.

Welp, I guess this is it. Make sure to read this series!



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