Review: Sleeping Giant

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So, this is about a story about Rose and her accidental discovery of a mysterious artifact when she fell through the earth. As it turns out, this artifact, a huge open palm hand, is one of the missing piece to a disassembled Metal Giant they later named Themis.

From its discovery, Rose, Kara, Vincent and a nameless interviewer became the pioneering team to learn more about Themis and what it meant to have it on Earth.

I was actually taken aback by the way this novel was written. The first chapter was an interview type of storytelling. I thought it was just a one time deal but nope, that’s the whole concept of the book. It is a story written using interviews, articles, journal entries and transcript. It’s possibly the first time I’ve read something where a vivid, or even a simple explanation of their feelings and/or surroundings was not at all present in the whole book. Everything was conveyed as a “conversation” when we have more than one person in the scene and surprisingly, it worked… It really worked!

I have to give it to Sylvain Neuvel because I’m sure it took a lot of planning to pull it off.Not just with his creative way of piecing his story this way but also because he was really able to write such a brilliant story!

I didn’t expect that I’ll like a Sci-Fi novel to be honest. I’ve never really exposed myself to this genre but I guess I would have to broaden my book selection. When it comes down to it, I just really like how smart this book is. It sounded legit even though some scientific explanation didn’t even make sense to me (even if I reread it, too!). It made me believe either way.

It also helped that the characters are all so distinct despite the fact that they were not really “explained” in a traditional way. That’s why another thing I really admired with this author was the way he was able to give personality to each of the character. You can totally tell them apart, know them, understand them… with just a mere dialogue.

And just so you know, my favorite character is our nameless interviewer and Kara for sure. They come in strong and memorable! If only I can have more of them! And I’m glad I do because this story happens to be a trilogy!

As Neuvel’s debut novel, he really killed it! And I can’t wait to finish everything! And especially with that ending…? I NEED TO KNOW MORE!!! Ugh!

I totally recommend this book y’all so I hope you can pick it up :3


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