Review: The Song of Achilles

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The Song of Achilles tells us the story of Patroclus, an exiled prince, and his fated meeting with Achilles. It details their life and adventure… their love and death… This is an epic retelling of the Trojan War and how it came to that.

I’ve always said that Madeline Miller is such a gifted writer. Because she really is!

She just have this way with words where you get absorbed in her world. As if the story you’re reading was the real deal and you can’t question anything else. Lately, I’ve been reading on my iPad so I have the capability to look up names and events almost instantaneously and I kid you not, Miller is so thorough with her research and writing and timeline that everything was stitched together so beautifully! I have no words! She’s just the best!

Although I am a little bit more partial towards Circe (it’s just soooo good!), you can’t deny the impact this story was able to give us. TBH, I actually put off reading this novel because so far, Miller have only written two full novel so after this, nada… No more Miller books… but I’ll survive. I need to if I wanna read her next book! So please come sooner!

But yeah, I totally recommend this book. At this point, you can’t really go wrong with Madeline Miller :3

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