Review: The Winner’s Curse

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The Winner’s Curse is a story about the daughter of a general who is expected to enlist in the military. However, Kestrel is not a fighter. She didn’t, and never had the talent for combat. Her strength lies with battle strategies and deceit. Plotting ways to outwit anybody that crosses her.

But with the pressure already coming from her father, it didn’t help that she got entangled with a Herrani slave as well, Arin. From then on, Kestrel life would never be the same as she discovers sinister secrets that would test where her loyalty truly lies.

My ghad. I didn’t expect how much I would loooooove this novel! I was actually having second thoughts on starting this series after reading a bad review so I didn’t feel like wasting my time reading a mediocre book but wow…! I’m glad I was soooo wrong!

This book is really good!!! It didn’t take me long before I got myself immersed in this world! The scheming, politics, the violence… It was melded together so well I was actually shocked. I was on edge because I didn’t know how everything will play out. How their decision would affect their life and relationship with their family and friends. I would say that Marie Rutkoski really nailed it! I was blown away! I can’t believe I haven’t read this book before! It was also so interesting to know that freakin’ Rutkoski grew up in Bolingbrook! I currently work in Bolingbrook!!! LOL!


But yeah, this book is good! And freakin’ Arin and Kestrel!!! Ahhhhh!!! that sexual tension between them!!! Can they just get a room and do it??? Please save me. I can’t handle it anymore!!!! LOLOLOL!

Sigh… what an adventure reading this… I sped through it and is ready to start the second installment! Ugh. I am so happy to have discovered a lot of great books this year!

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