Eventful Weekend.

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It’s been almost a week since the hella rollercoaster experience my family had to endure happened. Because you see, my mom is in the ICU. Yeah, still is. This is how it all happened:

9/4, Friday

My mom did some chores. Cleaning and laundry. Nothing out of the ordinary. So that was fine, she was a little tired but she was still walking around and talking to us. We actually scheduled that day to go over her visa application that day too so we also finished that one without any problems. Although in retrospect, she had to go up and down to get some documents… Had I known something would happen, I would not have allowed all that strenuous work on her. Grrr.

So, I was already busy with my mom’s application, I had to work around 9 hours or more and then, R called and told me that he’s coming over because we have to take care of the apartment application! We were actually not expecting to get the call from our First Choice apartment. In fact, we kinda gave up on it already because it’s a bit out of our price range and then lo and behold! They slashed their price and even gave us a 600$ credit! So yeah, everything happened so fast and it was a seriously busy day!

9/5, Saturday

My mom did some more cleaning that day and in the afternoon, she became tired. She didn’t have the energy to go down and stayed on bed the whole time. For meal times, she ate a little bit and asked me to bring food upstairs. I even joked around her and told her she’s lazy and she needs to energize herself soon. I guess in my gut, I knew something was going to go down coz her tiredness that day was just… different. And I think my brother even mentioned it, too. But because everything was so new, we dismissed it as something that would resolve itself eventually.

9/6, Sunday

Well, that was the optimistic outcome we wanted until around 330PM (yeah, throughout the afternoon, my mom was just in bed, feeling “tired” and “weak”), my mother tried to go down by herself! Wobbling on her feet, because she wanted to try to eat at least something downstairs! I had to help her walk because she was so unstable! So we finally got her to sit on the dining table. Her overall aura was just bad. Can’t even really answer back. She just rests her chin on her palm and eyes closed. As if talking was such an effort…

She requested to have her usual berry banana smoothie (I had to make it for her) and some veggie dish my dad made. She barely finished her smoothie and barely touched her food.

We tried talking to her a few times after until her speech became slurred!!! Now, that really alarmed us because that’s an indication that my mom might have suffered stroke!!!! We had a moment of hesitation whether to go or not until R showed me the 10 signs of stroke and freakin’ ALL of them was happening to my mom back then!!!!

So I took a shower real quick and after that, we drove her to the hospital!!! Our chief complaint was stroke when we got there but after an MRI and a few more tests, we found out that she wasn’t really suffering from stroke.

The reason for her weakness was because her blood sugar was down to 15!!!! The normal is between 70-110! It’s because she was taking her diabetic meds but not taking in food. That’s understandable. So they gave her meds. And then her other lab result came and this was when it all came down…

Her potassium level was 7. A VERY ALARMING RATE. So even if we were already tackling her low blood sugar, she passed all her cognitive tests, and she actually didn’t suffer a stroke, everybody in the ER became beast mode and started scrambling on their feet. There were a lot of tests and meds that was pumped to my mom’s body, her body started to shake! It felt so surreal.

We waited and see if the meds would help lower her potassium level.

It didn’t.

So ultimately, the nurse said they had to send my mom to the ICU. Holy shiet. We really didn’t think it will come down to that! So we were all worried and scared… My mom was also anxious when she heads but we didn’t have any choice so we sent her away after 3 hours in the ER…

9/7, Monday

Because I know that I’ll prolly spend a long time in the ER with my mom, I sent R home. And I’m glad I did because just a few hours after we left her in the hospital, I got a call from the nurse and told me that her potassium level was not going down with meds alone but that they will try their best. I told them I appreciate their information. And then they called me again at 2:45am and told me that they would do an immediate dialysis because her condition because it was not imrpoving.


That was the last thing we wanted to happen so we were really worried sick! Ugh.

But after that wee hour call, I didn’t hear from them. I called and asked about her status and they said that her creatinine level was lowered down but not in the normal values yet. Still, it’s an improvement so I’ll take it.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t visit her today because as a hospital protocol, they had to take a COVID19 test on her. And because it will take 48 hours to get the result, we couldn’t visit again until Wednesday! So yeah, pretty much, it’s only been a lot of phone calls I had to make with the hospital…

9/9, Wednesday

It was a long time but I called and I was informed that my mom finally got her result and it’s negative!!! So we can visit! And my ghad… It was so heart breaking to see her in the ICU. She was sedated and she doesn’t look good. It was the most terrible sight… I was facetiming with my sister then and… it was just heartbreaking… she was put on sedation meds because she gets agitated whenever she’s awake and she starts to take off all her tubing. She was having troubles breathing on her own already so this is something we don’t want her to do. So even if it’s sad that we can’t talk to her, it’s for the best.

My uncle also visited to pray for her. My mom wouldn’t like to be seen by people in her vulnerable state but they have good intentions so she’ll get over it.

9/10, Thursday

A little improvement! My brother visited this time (because of the pandemic, they only allow one visitor per day) and again, my sister was on facetime and while talking with mom, she was responsive! She even tried to open her eyes!!! That wasn’t the case last time so we were glad for the little progress she was having.

9/11, Friday

And now we’re here. Today. I visited her this time after my work. My sister arranged a zoom meeting with our other relatives in the Philippines and one of my uncle in California. It was great!!! My mom’s eldest sister’s kids were there (except the youngest because she wasn’t feeling well), And then my mom’s younger sister was also present with her two daughters. Her cousin from Laguna was also present and then my uncle from California. Our trusted caretaker also joined the zoom meeting eventually. (it’s a given that both of my siblings were present as well) It was big group and we were all joking that we might be snatched by a big net because we’re all together! An inside joke of our family that actually gave her a shadow of a smile!

Today, she was very responsive!!! She was able to open her eyes a lot!!! When we ask her to open her eyes, she also does that! Her hearing was good and her cognitive sense was also great! It seemed like she recognized the voices and it was just so great! It was the best state we’ve ever seen her and we’re just so thankful for that!

The charge nurse did say that my mom was having a slow prognosis but there’s still improvement in her state so our goal is to get her off the vent and for her to start breathing by herself. The nurse suggested to call them in the morning and maybe I can request for them to allow me to join them when they try to extubate my mom. Maybe a presence of a familiar person in her life would help calm her down. Explain to her what was happening and that everything is alright… And I hope they would really allow me… I’ll fly there if I need to!

Sighhh… I really hope she can do that tomorrow. Because, they might take off her dialysis catheter already (she had three dialysis already) once her urine output is consistent (they were supposed to remove it this morning but her urine output was only 30cc and then down to 10cc earlier! when I came, it was all better. But just to make sure, they kept it.). So yeah, hoping for the best. We appreciate and consider it a blessing each time she makes baby steps.

We hope for more good news tomorrow!


Wow, I didn’t mean for such a long diary entry but I just want to document everything I remember. I didn’t have time to even read it over. This is as authentic as you can get. So yeah. Sorry for all the typos and with all the read grammar if you even tried to read all through that. HAHA!

I hope all of you are doing well. Happy weekend!

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