Eventful Night.

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Oh I guess that for my next update on my blog, it will be another major downer… HAHA!

So, yesterday, around 12:33 midnight, I suddenly felt some jerking by my side. I was glad that I didn’t ignore it, thinking that R might just be having a hard time sleeping because when I opened my eyes and turned to my back, I saw R having seizures…!

Oh. My. God.

That was the first time I’ve seen him, or anyone for that matter, having an episode!!! That totally woke me up! It was a scary sight… especially seeing your partner in such a vulnerable and terrible state!

But instead of being afraid and frozen in place, I guess my nursing instinct kicked in so I grabbed my watch, checked the time when I saw him started having an episode and timed how long it took. I made sure that he’s not in any danger in case he banged his head. He was under the covers so at least I know that he didn’t hit his head prior me knowing what was happening that night. Made sure there was no aspirations or whatever. All the stuff I should be doing during the event, I think I got it covered.

It only took about a minute but it was the longest fucking minute ever! I was talking to him, calling his name, but of course he doesn’t hear or see me. It was just him and violent jerking. Ugh. R and I have been together for almost 5 years and of course, when we finally move in together, this would suddenly happen!!! Like, wtf!!!

But what really scared me was when he stopped moving and just had these unseeing eyes… I really thought he was gone, you know? I even checked for his pulse and for a moment, I couldn’t feel it! So many things going on inside my head until, finally… finally!!! I felt his pulse. Only then that I decided to call his mom.

His parents usually don’t pick up calls actually but because I was the one calling and it was in such an ungodly hour, she picked up right away and I know that she knows what happened…

I told her that R had a seizure so she told me that whatever he says, I need to take him to the hospital and call the ambulance. So I did. Freakin’ 6 tall white men came to see us after a few minutes of the call. I had my frownies on and my hair disheveled but whatever. So they asked me the routine questions when R finally came to. He’s trying to make sense why there are six men in our room so suddenly so we explained to him what happened.

I was still in a state of shock so I told them that I wanted to ride with them to the ER instead of me driving coz I honestly don’t think I’m fit for that anyway. I was by myself and experiencing this whole new thing. So in a swift minute or two while they were transporting him downstairs (we live on the third floor), I took all the necessary items I needed when I go there. And I swear to god, I couldn’t recognize myself because I really had the presence of mind! I mean, I was near tears too but I didn’t cry!

But yeah, we went to the ER, spent about almost 4 hours there. The doctor that saw him just did some routine test with Ray and gave him some meds. She also coordinated with R’s neurologist so basically, they are going to increase one of his seizure meds by 500mg. and hopefully it helps so he doesn’t have another seizure.

So, our main concern is his ability to drive because of his episode. As you know, having seizure is a risk for driving… He can get his license taken away form him for about a year. But luckily, since it happened while he’s sleeping and it was after 7 years since his last one, his neurologist said he can still drive. Sighhhh…

But I really need to man it up and be more confident with my driving. I kinda am since we started living in our apartment but still!

Anyway, that’s it for my update. Either than that, we really love our apartment! It’s just so right for us! And it’s so modern looking! Can’t wait til we get all our furniture so we can see how it really looks in its entirety! And R and I really get along. It’s almost a miracle how we met each other. HAHA!

Oh well, hope for better days :3

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