I Had A Spat With Someone.

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So, for a few months now, it’s harder to ignore the fact that the acting manager in my department isn’t really acting like a manager at all.

Instead of overseeing both the CAD and CAM department, we always find him in the corner of the lab, acting like a technician. Like seriously, 80% of his time, he’s just grinding and ‘fixing’ problems over CAD even if he now has three brux porcelain grinders.

It was more acceptable before when there was only one grinder so he really needs to help out but now that we don’t even have a lot cases and we have more people, I don’t know what’s his excuse for being so invisible in the CAD part of the lab. Heck, he doesn’t even pass out cases anymore nor do the outsourcing. He doesn’t even design or design QC but somehow, he’s still so busy???

But anyway, that’s not the point. What I really wanted to say was what happened today.

So, we didn’t have a lot of cases in the morning at scanning. Like 12 cases when I came in. At that point, I already know that it would be trouble…

I also know that the person working in that department, L, will stretch her time just scanning those few cases. Which, btw, she did. I’m gonna say first that yes, sometimes, I really have a busybody personality especially for those people who I know are incompetent or tricking the system at the expense of others.

So just so you know why L is a particular sore thumb in my world, it is because, well, she’s incompetent (I need more adjectives to use! lol!). She’s been in her position since January and yet, she doesn’t know some of the basic set ups in scanning. Despite being a slow learner, she also doesn’t take notes. Whenever we (yes, plural) tell her instructions to correct her mistakes, she’ll just stare at you blankly and say she understands but then make the same mistakes over and over again… not only that, she skips difficult cases and leave it for the next person to do it, calls out a lot, and just ‘clean’ her desk even if there’s still 30mins left on the clock for her to keep scanning. Everyday.

And oh, she has a bad attitude, too. There was a time when I was teaching her how to do abutments and when I was correcting her, she raised her voice at me and told me I was annoying. *rolls eyes*

But yeah. I’m getting off topic again. So anyway, there wasn’t much cases today and the 17 she did, they were mostly single unit cases (the easiest) and then left all the harder cases on the cart for the night shift person to work on.

So of course, my meddlesome self went to my  manager and told him about it. I told K that it’s not fair that she just left all the other cases for the night person when some of the cases came during her shift. But instead of my manager agreeing to what I said, on how unfair that was, he said that he only wants L to do the easy cases and leave the harder ones for JS since he’s the more experienced one.

And of course, to me, that’s really unfair. Because you’re hired to do the job. Not for your manager to baby you. It’s just not fair for anybody. And it’s not like she’s new or anything because she’s been in the position closer to one year now. I really don’t understand his logic. Because, if she’s already not that good, then why not give her more experience to learn more???? How can you mold a great technician if you’ll just coddle the person??? Ugh.

And then he proceeded saying that if what I wanted is equality and about the need to learn a job, then I should also learn and do his (the managerial work) duties. And then as an example, he told me about THIS ONE case that I handed him to design that he took on and told me he’ll handle it. Like wtf. The audacity of this oaf. Using that against me when he took the responsibility for it! I’ve always done my work excellently ever since I started working in the lab. And I told him that if I really have to, then I’ll learn whatever job it is. (Tho again, he’s asking me to do managerial work when I don’t get paid a manager’s salary. Pfttt. unfair through and through.)

Ugh. I was so mad! He knows that I’m one of the key player in the department and people actually go to me to ask questions or solve problems. People also go to me to ask my opinion on how to proceed with the case, etc and he’ll freakin’ downplay my role like that???? Wtf. Not to mention, I’m probably the only person who he can really allocate in different departments in CAD/CAM to cover for people on vacation and then he’ll allude that I now have to do his job????? What a prick. Heck, the Logistics Director even talks to me and JK now when it comes to the workflow in our department because the actual manager don’t do jack. Can’t even do a simple huddle a few times a week to inform the department of issues we need to address.

Ugh. Now I’m so conflicted (and mad again) because I want fairness but then it entails being meddlesome in some affairs because he’s so blind when it comes to overseeing his department so iuno anymore. Sometimes, I just want to be promoted as a Marketing Manager right away so I can leave the department because of him. Ugh.

(And lol. Wow. Didn’t expect to rant that much but this journaling actually helped. Hahah!)

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