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My Little Monster

In Anime,Everyday,Fandom,Fun,Life on February 26, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , ,

I was deceived.

I was browsing the list of animé on crunchyroll and then Ray spotted something and told me that that animé is good.


I didn’t believe him.


Because the picture is of a girl and a boy that has a chain around his neck. Couple it with the title My Little Monster, that’s screaming ecchi to me.

So I ignored his recommendation and moved on to life.

But one day, he just decided to play the animé and there, I got hooked!!! It’s sooooooo my type of animé!!! So much shoujo feels!!!

And I can’t stop watching it!!! In fact, I think imma finish the animé tonight (ditching Hwayugi for this).



Once an otaku, always an otaku. Hahaha!