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Quick Update

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Okay. This is not good. I’m neglecting WordPress for a while now. I really don’t know how I manage to waste the whole day that I can’t even sit down and write. Sorry sorry!

So instead, imma make a quick update. For future reference coz I enjoy re-reading some of my posts from long ago. It’s like reading from another person’s diary when I’m just reading the old me. HAHA!

A-NY-WAY, moving on:

  1. I dunno but I managed to lose weight? Well, I’m still overweight but significantly lighter than when I was still working in BT. I guess coz I don’t do stress eating anymore.
  2. I’ve been going to church a lot and even managed to be part of the contemporary choir. HAHA! It’s crazy! There was a time that I went to church three times in just one day! HAHA! Not complaining tho. It’s nice to be a church person and hear a good gospel.
  3. Fishing is my new hobby. I know I’ve only done it twice but I really enjoy it!
  4. And there’s this dude who likes me, Mark. Kept on texting me (and even went as far as to slip an I love you to one of his text messages!) and being all clingy. He constantly texts me!!! I even straight up told him to not make our circumstances awkward for the both of us. He shouldn’t have attacked like that. I would’ve appreciated it if we became friends first that what he did.
  5. But I guess he got the picture because he finally stopped texting? I guess coz I wasn’t able to reply right away… But what can I do??? I was in Cuba for a one week vacation and it’s not like I can miraculously conjure a high speed internet connection coz dang, the place sucks with it’s sucky internet (but I can’t blame them seeing as how Cuba is as a country…)
  6. And btw, our Cuba stay was C-R-A-Z-Y!!! I must admit, I did enjoy my time there. It was a whole different experience. HAHA!
  7. And there was this one night I managed to kiss two guys in one night and they have a picture to prove it and omfg! I need to burn someone aliveeeee!
  8. But I can’t say imma go there any time soon or would consider going there again coz they jacked us with our money. I really didn’t like how they’re all about money money money?
  9. Yes, I understand that it’s not a rich country but the way they tricked us (to put it mildly) just left me a bad impression about them. Kinda. But I still enjoyed all the little things you can only do in Cuba.
  10. Like kiss a native and guy from Montreal, Canada. HAHA!
  11. And after that Cuba trip, we (my brother and I) had another week in Canada! OMG! I love Canada and all the people I’ve met in our Cuba trip! There was like 31 of us, I think? Kekeke. It was crazy from beginning to end. I can’t even begin to tell you what happened there. LOL!
  12. I ate a lot of corn in Canada. It was so sweet! So good!
  13. And I played a lot with Jake! Ghad. Cutest baby ever!!! I want a cute baby of my own if I can! Maybe I’ll just have a one night stand with a white dude coz well, I don’t really want a husband. Just a cute baby.
  14. HAHA.
  15. I don’t think my family would be all too happy if I do that… (not necessarily my parents. more like my aunts. IMAGINE).
  16. Darn. Maybe I’ll get a husband after all.
  17. And then Monday came, our 7-day stay in Canada has come into an end.
  18. Goodbye Tim Hortons~!
  19. So now, back in Chicago and a little bit sad coz there’s no more friends for me again. All by myself. But it’s okay. More good stuff to come because……………..
  20. I GOT A JOB!!! Yes yes!!! I didn’t specifically applied for this company but for some reason they found me and has been messaging me while I was in Canada. So I went to an interview today and was practically hired. So I’m really happy about it! It’s an entry level position but I got a full time position and honestly, this is better than nothing!
  22. I’m worried about my other wedding in September but I’ll just figure it out somehow. HAHA! Who knows? Another good thing might cross my way again. I’ll keep my eyes open :3
  23. But ugh… I’ve missed so much that catching up with all the tumblr posts, fics, books, dramas, variety shows, etc would be tough…
  24. I’m currently watchin a k-drama about a virgin ghost. WHUT.
  25. And reading J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy. I’m slowly getting into the story. Promise.
  26. Oh! Ohhhh!!! I got my pillow pets back!!! Just two, most unfortunately coz somebody stole my Panda Pillow Pet </3
  27. I’m planning on buying an ipod nano coz of reasons.
  28. Coz I got my new Bank of America credit card and they don’t charge interest for a year so…. *swipe swipe*. Although I got mad at them coz they’re jacking me so much money with all their ridiculous fee like OMFG.
  29. I feel like an adult dealing with stuff especially with my Mom’s petition papers and the house thingy.
  30. But of course I’m very much a kid at heart so eep! Just go with the flow.

Oh gosh…! I’ve never done a post like this before. Heck, I didn’t even read it again! I’m sure none of this will make sense in the coming years but whatevs… YOLO!!!