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Treat yo’ Self

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So, as always, I set my alarm for the day, sleep a couple of hours, wait for it to go off, snooze it two times when it does, and try to wake up at least 50% of brain.

It is also part of my routine that as I try to completely wake myself up, that I go on Twitter and see what’s up in the world but lo and behold… unlike any other day, I saw a news pertaining to BoA finally releasing a mini (or full?) album and hold a concert next year as well!!!


It came out of nowhere! Nobody was expecting it especially when it’s only been a week since they announced that BoA and Joo Won have broken up. You would think that both were in a bit of a slump so most of the Jumpings and SOULs weren’t really expecting much. After all, we are the same people who was promised an album back in February that was never released in the end. We’re saving ourselves from disappointments…

It was traumatic.



But this! This news just set off the crazy in me and just like in 2014 when I read that BoA will have a concert in Japan, I have decided to go this year and watch her live!!!

Just like that!

Ohhhh yessssh! I am crazy enough to do this! If all goes well, as soon as I can secure a ticket for the concert, I think I really am going! I can’t miss this chance! I already contacted my friend and see if she can help me out again!

And it seems like a couple of my friends who saw my post agrees!

Screen Shot 2017-11-17 at 9.06.12 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-17 at 9.10.23 PM

I love the support I’m getting from them! LOL! And it so happens that around the time I’m planning to go to Japan, Renz is also going! I’m not gonna be totally alone! Woot! I think this is the reason why I wasn’t able to push through with Iceland… Because the Lord planned for me to see BoA instead!