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Fushigi Yuugi Forever!

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This is perhaps one of the happiest moment of my life. TBH, I was just giving it a shot. Who knows, right? So I tweeted an old Nakago picture and mentioned Yuu Watase when I know she was online and JFC. I had hoped but never expected that she will like my sketch!!!!!!!!!!!!

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.51.36 PM


If you didn’t know, Yuu Watase is the creator of one of the most amazing love story ever! The epic Fushigi Yuugi that has been a great influence to me as a growing artist!

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.52.55 PM



I didn’t know how awesome it is to have your childhood idol to like your work but this is like being in cloud nine! I’m sure this may as well be just a courtesy likes since I mentioned her but fact is, SHE SAW MY DRAWING AND THAT’S WHAT MATTERS!

Because Watase liking my tweet is like a momentary connection with her. You don’t know how wonderful that feeling is. To know that once in her life, you two had this encounter. Especially for me since I’ve been a fan since 1999! That long! That’s like more than half of my life already!

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.53.12 PM


So yeah…

Actually my mind is not really working right now because of happiness so I’ll just shut up. Just posting this up here coz shit. YUU WATASE.

’nuff said.



(I’ve been having a lot of Fushigi Yuugi feels as of late so yeah. I’ll be blabbing about it for some time. Just bear with me if you must)