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Japan Day 2

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Today, I’ll be traveling alone in Shibuya. And I’m kinda really nervous coz I’m not to be trusted with directions but surprisingly, I’m managing well…?

I slept late last night but surprisingly, I woke up early. Like 630ish in the morning! But instead of preparing, I stayed in bed and just went online. Haha! I don’t really have any real plans today so I can do whatever.

So, when I finally decided to take a shower, I learned that the hosts were not at home. Yay! I meant to just eat brunch at the convenience store but saw that there were no seats so I went back to my airbnb place and ate there. I spent 3$ and I was so full! My ghad!

So I started my day by going to Book Off around my airbnb on foot. I found the place actually but unfortunately, they don’t have a lot of CDs.

Actually, I went to Tower Records and HMV in Shibuya and nada! What is going on??? Why is there no BoA cds/single??? Ugh… But I did manage to get a One Shot album for myself so at least that’s good.

I also got myself the Kimi Ni Todoke artbook because I can’t help myself but cave in to temptation!!! HMV was great promoting it by displaying a lot of framed artworks and it really got me, dammit!

So before I create more damage, I went to Starbucks and have my signature Chai Tea Latte and stay there a while because my feet are killing me! I can justify all the pigging out imma do this whole week with all the walking I’ve been doing. Haha!

Anyway, the Starbucks crew here are so nice! And it’s not exactly a slow place either. The place is packed and situated in a busy area and yet, they all look fresh and like I said, nice. Haha! They made my drink too so I’m happy!

So, after staying at Starbucks to rest for a while, I explored the mall a little bit and then searched for more music stores. To no avail, I didn’t see more BoA items that is still missing in my collection. Isn’t it sad?

But funny story, while looking for Gyukatsu Motomura, my dinner place, I happen to come across this ‘video’ place. At this point, I just go to all music stores/places I can see (I visited 6 places, including this one), so I entered this place and oh my ghad, it so happens that this place sells adult materials instead! Not just videos, but all kinky stuff you can ever think of, too! Wth… I was so embarrassed! No wonder the guy who was there was looking at me funnily. Huhu… so I left the place in a hurry and just proceeded looking for my dinner place!

I guess this place is popular coz the line is long even if the place looks shabby. Like, the way going there looked questionable. If not for the people who’s in line, I would’ve run…

So, I was in line for about an hour, not an exaggeration (didn’t even include the amount of time I took to get there), and got inside. I was shocked because it was about a 10 seat restaurant! No wonder it took forever to seat me.

I was prepared to fucking lose it. Like eat there and be disappointed. How the wait was not worth it. But I was happy to be proven even wrong because fak, the gyukatsu was really, really good! Like it’s no exaggeration that the meal was sooooo good! The meat really melts in your mouth and its flavor is soooo rich! I was soooo close to making an extra order! It was hard to resist the temptation… haha!

At that point, I was really tired so I had no choice but to go back to my airbnb. And as to be expected, I got lost in the Shibuya station again! Ughhhh! I didn’t know there was a difference between trains going the same direction. I guess there’s a local and express train on the same platform. So I needa be careful how to spot them. Good thing I pay attention to the station stops so I figured it out quickly. Haha!

I planned to go to Naka-Meguroku for the Cherry Blossom park at the end of my solo trip but I was so tired already… maybe tomorrow? We’ll see…

So I got to Yutenji Station (finally!) after getting lost and decided to visit the convenience store around. Bought a couple of stuff to snack on and as my breakfast tomorrow. So satisfying.

So yeah, that’s how I spent the day. I loved Shibuya!!! Ghad, I’m beat!