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Review: The One

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The One by John Marrs is a story about a simple DNA test that could help you find your perfect match. That’s right! That’s the commitment Match Your DNA offers their followers around the world. And truthfully, millions of people did find their match! Now, comes five very different people getting that sweet notification telling them that they have been matched as well! It’s a very exciting moment for all of them and we get to follow all five stories that is sure to guarantee you a surprise of a lifetime. For better, or worst.

Wow. All I gotta say is that this is such a great rollercoaster of a story! A thriller and love story meld together so flawlessly! I was at the edge of my seat the whole time because I realy don’t know how everyting will end up. There are 5 different stories from people who didn’t know each other but for some reason, the author was able to make them connected.

I picked up this book as a recommendation from a fellow bookworm and I was so shocked how invested I’ve been after reading this book! It’s so fucked up, I LOVE IT!

It’s definitely 5 star in my book!

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