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Review: Wayward Son

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Simon defeated the villain in his story. He won and saved the world. Heck, he even got his bonus price and fell in love… with Baz! He should be happy and content. Living the best days of his life. Except, he was not and fell into a slump. Because of his friends’ increasing concern for him, Penelope and Baz decided to lift up his spirit and booked a vacation in America! And welp, that was how another adventure began for our favorite peeps.

Honestly though, Rainbow Rowell doesn’t fail to amaze me! I just… LOVE HER!

When I first read Carry On, I was really blown away by how it was so well written! In just one book, she was able to create this world and these lovely characters without compromising the story or any of the characters’ potential for growth. And when it ended, I was only left with joy and satisfaction. So when I heard the news that there was a sequel coming out for this, I admit, I was a bit skeptical. Like, How else and how much more material are you able to squeeze from this awesome “stand alone” book?

But to my delight, Rowell had done it again and gave us this fast paced, intriguing and exciting new addition to the world of Simon and Baz! Heck, I was even shocked just how Agatha played in all this, too! Brilliant! I just love every bit of it. The new challenges that our heroes are about to deal with, the twist and turn in their relationship, and all the actions!

I am so stoked for the next installment! I am all for it!

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