The Works

Crossed Destiny (2000).

When Aika’s parents were killed in a mysterious car crash, he was sought after by his uncle in search for the family treasure. Suddenly, his life was in danger. In order to escape death, he decided to reunite with his grandfather who took him in unconditionally. They moved to a new town to avoid their pursuers. That’s when Aika met Yako as a young child.

They weren’t exactly what you would call childhood friends but Aika and Yako had known each other since a long time ago. Somehow they were both in a complicated relationship. It has been a normal and peaceful life for the both of them until Aika’s past caught up with him. As everything unfolded, he discovered the truth about his family and his family’s treasure.

He was forced to get away, struggling to stay alive. After knowing the truth, he wouldn’t let his uncle get ahold of his family secrets. Yako, who inevitably intwined her faith to his, decided to join his quest.

In their journey, they were able to know more about themselves as they meet new comrades who would in turn, make the whole journey memorable if not any more miserable.

The Soul (2003). 

To Miyari, the world was dead. To Fumiyo, the world was silent.

But with such loneliness, the two souls found each other. Indeed they were happy but the happiness was bounded by suffering… Along the way, a friend was hurt. Trust was broken. A heartbreak.


But love will surely prevail, however the string of fate wills them. Until the end…

Waiting – One Shot (2005).

Tei has always harbored secret feelings for Rianne. Ever since they were young, he’s been deeply attracted to her good personality and honesty. Even her obsessiveness with romantic films he found endearing. But as Rianne’s bestfriend, he couldn’t get the right timing to confess to her and not break that friendship. Until one day, after watching another romantic movie, Rianne told Tei that they should marry when they are still both single when they reach 30.

Tei vowed in silence, that he would wait for her. After separating for 9 years, 2 years before they reach 30, Tei and Rianne met once again and rekindled their past.

Flower Tango (2007).

Flower Tango revolves around Taki and Hana. They were childhood friends. As they grow up, Hana realized that she has grown to love Taki. Unfortunately for her, Taki doesn’t look at her that way, her love ended into a heartbreak.

And they had to seperate ways.

After 5 long years, who knows what changes might have brought the both of them…

Flower language could unconsciously mean something. And Taki is yet to know the answers to its true meaning… Afterall, everything started with one blossoming bud — Hana.

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