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Yay! It’s official! It was announced in the manager’s meeting last Tuesday that I’m the Marketing Manager and today, my boss sent an email to our Accounts Manager so this would reflect on payroll, too!

I was gonna shoot for the moon and ask for 20% increase thought I know that realistically, it will be more of a 10% increase which I got and was willing to settle for so it’s a win-win :3

Lately, I’ve been on a better mood, too. I was a bit emo around February and the beginning of March but luckily, it seemed like I finally got over my internal hurdles and is now calmer and happier. It was a work in progress and I’m just glad R has been very supportive all throughout that ordeal. And I know it seems trivial but it seems like getting my pingpong table and with us playing a couple of times a week, improved our moods, too. It’s become our bonding time.

The only downside with all the good times we’re having right now is that I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes and I am now taking insulin to improve my fasting blood sugar but oh well… gotta focus on the small wins and happier days :3

I’m 31 weeks now! Few more weeks to go!