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Review: A Thousand Splendid Suns

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After reading Khaled Hosseini’s debut novel titled, The Kite Runner, I know that the novel he would pen next would be immortalized in me…

And it’s true.

I can’t even begin to describe my feelings while reading this book. It’s so gripping! I couldn’t stop reading it even if my heart ached and then broken into pieces…

It’s a sad, sad book full of hope and love and selflessness.

I’ve never read a book that portrayed such selfless love the way this book did. It truly permeated my heart. And it’s just so tragic, too.

Here, the author chronicled the life of two women. Both, from different walks of life, who ended up being each other’s strength. Becoming a real family.

Mariam lived such a difficult life from the beginning. She was an illegitimate child. Her mother was never affectionate to her, she was not accepted, she was married off at a young age, wasn’t given a chance to grieve the untimely death of her mother, deprived to have a child of her own, abused and battered… all the cruelties one could ever experience, she experienced it all. And I felt so, sooo sad about her terrible life…

And then his brutal husband would remarry again… a young girl — Laila.

It was an insult to her, honestly. I understand her feelings of intolerance about the whole arrangement at first. Who wouldn’t? But the evil husband, Rasheed, didn’t care. Nobody cared for her. So she just stomached everything. Numb about the pain after all the years enduring it in body and spirit.

Until Aziza, Laila’s daughter, was born. From this little girl, a friendship between Laila and Mariam began to bud. And I really, really appreciate the way that they solidified their bond together as family. It was natural, it was real, and it was strong.

How fiercely they fought for each other. How they protected and consoled each other… it was portrayed in such a way that you feel both of their sincerity and I can’t help but root for them!!!

Although from the very beginning, I already have a vague idea that one of them would ultimately sacrifice herself, it still didn’t prepare me from being heartbroken when it happend…

How everything transpired for Mariam to meet her fate… it was so unfair, but at the same time, truly reasonable. Her unconditional love is so big that it ascended to the next life…

It’s so tragic. Yet, it shed hope for the future of Laila and her children. That in the end, it will all be alright. Not perfect, but better than the past.

The amount of tears I shed, my ghad. I really loves the book! I hope it reaches a lot of people and experience the beauty of this story…

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