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Review: The Book Ninja

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After reading Gone Girl, I need something light as a follow up book to read. So I browsed my list of e-books and settled for The Book Ninja.

“Catherine,” Frankie nodded from behind her book.

“Frankston,” Cat nodded back.

Yerpz, those simple words at the beginning were enough to get me hooked in this book. Frankie’s real name really did it for me. HAHA!

But I’m glad that the story was not that shallow. It’s cute, and simple, but it has its moments. So, the premise of this book was about Frankie and her unique way of finding love. By leaving her favorite books in the train enclosing her contact detail, she hoped that Mr. Right (with a great book taste at that) would eventually find it and would be the key to get in touch with her.

I mean, she was successful in her experiment. But she did have a lot of mishap along the way… I think the dating part gave the story its special flavor because we were introduced to a lot of unique characters throughout the story. And I gotta admit, they are all pretty funny.

It’s a good gimmick how there are chapters dedicated to her blog post, It gave an interesting point of view to see Frankie’s witty side. And the interactions between her readers, too. Another side story that developed throughout the book.

Wow. That’s quite a ramble but don’t worry! I haven’t forgotten about Sunny!

Frankie and Sunny’s first encounter was just… bizarre? Just picture yourself “kissing” a hot stranger on the nose. I mean, just imagine how mortifying that would be! But it was what started it all so, it worked out in the end. HAHA!

The both of them have an energetic dynamic. Fast. And unpredictable (mainly because of Sunny. The man is hard to read!). They are a cute couple over all.

Another aspect of the story I enjoyed was Frankie’s relationship with Cat. Cat is a sort of character that is both endearing and annoying. She’s really funny, with a lot of random crazy outbursts. I really can’t predict what she would do next. It’s a good mix in the story too.

Also, Cat actually did a very grave mistake in her relationship with Claud. And although it was somewhat resolved. I hope it was expounded a little bit more instead of just being addressed in a postcard. There’s room to explore there. To add, I wish they also elaborated on Frankie’s relationship with her parents. It would be nice if they were able to add some quality time where they could show their sincere feelings for each other and how they truly care for each other especially as a family.

But I know there’s only so much you can write…

Actually, I almost didn’t like the ending because Frankie chose to go to Sunny instead of going to her meeting with her publisher but in a swift way in the end, I guess everything worked out anyway so I’m satisfied.

For a quick read, I recommend this book :3



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