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iPhone SE

In Life,Personal on May 14, 2020 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , ,

I didn’t really think imma buy a new phone especially that I really love my iPhone7 but R was generous enough to pay half of  phone price and it’s a really good incentive so just like that, I purchased a phone online and in just two weeks, it’s finally here!

And I love it!!!

I know you will prolly think it’s an odd choice for me to get an iPhone SE when it’s not really the new, new phone coming out this year. Especially when I’ve had my phone for 4 years too. You’d think I want to bank on a new phone big time. But… I just really love my home button, okay! I know I’d be so annoyed when I won’t have the capability to have an option to get this on a phone so please, please Apple, don’t stop making these budget phone!!! And thank you so, soooo much for releasing this!

Honestly, I don’t have issues with my old phone (except the fact that I don’t have big memory in it, which is my fault, not theirs) because it does it job and I like how compact it is in my hands. I have such small hands so having those gigantic phones would not be very helpful at all.

But now that I have it in my hands, I’m glad I took on R’s offer and bought it.

Man, the ease of transferring ALL the files from my old file to my new one was so easy! It’s a no brainer. In fact, I figured it all out by myself! I was so shocked that even the songs I have in my old phone was transferred! I bet the newer phones have this capability too but since I haven’t gotten myself a new phone in 4 years, this upgrade still awes me.

I just need to buy a screen protector tho. I had the mistake of not doing it last time so that sucks…

Anyway, I hope that with my new phone, I’ll be able to start recording my drawing process again. I stopped because of various issues but now, I should be able to work it out. Eep!