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User Friend

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Honestly, I’m good with my friends.

But if you’re someone who haven’t talked to me in forever and then suddenly strike a conversation with me, I get wary…

And true enough, those are people who only remembers you when they need something from you.

As a self professed artist while growing up, when I wasn’t in the art industry yet, people looked down on me. And they make sure that they don’t hide their thoughts. They will belittle you and tell you how you should live your own life.

It’s hilarious.

And then when you actually make it, those same people would be after you for free favors.

It’s unbelievable.

So I’m really quite bitter when this sort of things happens.

Granted, the story for today isn’t about somebody who laughed at me before, but someone who didn’t keep in touch with me, but then use me at her convenience and then suddenly, we’re close again.

So, story time.

I was covering 4 departments on a Friday because we were understaffed and it was busy. I was already on edge, when I suddenly got an IG message asking me how I was.

I knew where it was heading but sure. Benefit of the doubt. I’ll engage on a conversation with you.

But get this, it took just three words (including her greeting) for her to drop the ball and ask me for a favor.

‘Hello, how are you? (Even in English, it’s still so very short.)

And I was like, ‘How are you (name of friend)?’

And her immediate reply was this, ‘Can you make me a drawing of a fairy on top of a mushroom lol’

At least she was direct to the point but wow…

I had to stop and suck in my breath to calm myself down. This is definitely one of the most annoying thing anybody could ask any artists.

The audacity.

So I replied, ‘Like a commission drawing?’

Coz fak. I’m not in a very generous or tolerant mood that day (and I worked 10 hours that day too!). And well, funny how she ignored that bit snd started showing me pegs for what she wanted for her free drawing like wooooooow. Are we already assuming that me, a now-professional-artist, will just do that without qualms?

I mean sure, I humored her and discussed my drawing style but I re-read our convo over and over again and I didn’t confirm anything with her. I didn’t say yes specifically for her favor because we started talking about other things, too so if she asks me what’s up with it, I’ll just tell her I don’t have time to make commissions.

I’m not even gonna clear with her that I don’t do free arts. I’ll just say no. And sure, she might get disappointed or upset or whatever but you know what, she’ll live with it.

She said she’s doing a birthday preparation for her daughter this April since she has the day off but sorry honey, I don’t have the luxury of time to waste on somebody else’s project. Just keeping it real.

So you could say that I was really thrown off by the whole shenanigan over the UG message so I immediately messaged one of my friends about it since she knows this person AND OMG! Of course my artist friend also got a message asking for free art from her!


What a leacher! I know in this time and age, everybody wants to save money but if it’s gonna be on the expense of another person, their supposed friend in time of need, I don’t think I’m the person for that…

Too bad, I’m actually not that nice. And like I said, I’m already a professional. I worked as a graphic artist in the Philippines and now in the US for my current company. I’ll give you a discount but sorry, no free art for you.

*mic drop*