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SNSD: Casio’s Baby G Wink edition

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HAHA! And as if I haven’t had enough trauma when my phone got snatched a few days ago, right?

Well, I’ve been really extra careful with my possessions since that happened but when all of a sudden, a bus rolls down your way with an SNSD wrap around advertisement plastered on it, how can you expect me not to do anything?!

I just got down from the public transportation vehicle I was riding when I caught a glimpse of it, so as swiftly as I could manage, I took my phone out without having second thoughts and started snapping pictures! I was even half running coz it was far away from the bus stop and it’s already rolling away before I got a proper shot! Ugh!!!

photo 1

photo 2

But man, such an adrenaline rush. When the bus was finally out of sight, I can’t help but smile like a fucktard afterwards. I mean, SNSD in the Philippines, man! This is not common! So every chance I get to see stuff like this, I wouldn’t just sit still and do nothing. LOL!

I remember when BoA was still endorsing for Maybelline New York and her advertisement was all around the mall. I dislike going to malls but I found myself doing it every chance I get to see it. Note, I go as far as Landmark and ATC just to see BoA and even took pictures together with it. I think I even asked one of the saleslady if they give it to me. HAHA!

*fangurl mode*

Anyway, here’s a clearer SNSD pic they used as a bus wrap around design:

snsd baby-g casio watches (1)


^ Double side picture set.


^ Group picture for the back.