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Terrible Snow

In Everyday,Life,Personal,Rant on January 28, 2019 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , , , , ,

Just wow. Today was really terrible.

For some reason, the road was unplowed when I woke up. It was dark when I left and then it was snowing. It was nonstop.

Usually, I would’ve called my boss and ask for a ride but his on paternity leave because his wife is going to give birth to their third kid so I had no choice but to soldier it out…

It was tough, I tell yah. And as if driving in an unplowed road with nonstop snow in the darkness of dawn, I would have to be stuck in the snow too!!!!

My ghad, I miscalculated the snow accumulation in this turn I was gonna make and then boom. I was stuck there for all eternity!

I didn’t know what to do. My civic wasn’t getting any traction at all and I was afraid to really hit my gas coz I might lose control of my wheels and hit somebody in the VERY busy street, no less!

I have my snow boots in my trunk so I wore it and used it to ‘shovel’ the snow away from my car. I was desperate.

And of course it didn’t really work. I prolly move by like an inch and then got stuck again. I was close to tears coz I was feeling hopeless. I couldn’t do anything and forcing my way would prolly be dangerous too coz I might lose control.

I can’t believe it was happening to me. I was prolly stuck for 15-20 minutes when finally, two kind gentlemen came to my rescue!!!

They told me to step on the gas while they push my car! And omg!!! It wasn’t easy but they saved me! I got away from my predicament and was finally free! I wish I could’ve gotten their names but man… I wouldn’t forget them! I was screaming them my thank you in my open windows. My ghad! Thank you kind people!

Thanks to that little mishap, I was late for like 40 minutes! Ughhh! And it was busy as hell so I didn’t get out of the lab til 5ish. Tho I need the overtime since we’re closing on Wednesday, and that’s unpaid day. (We’re close coz it’ll be freezing that day! -27!!! The fak!)

But then, it started really snowing again so my car got stuck again in the parking lot!!!! Seriously! Today was so stressful that when I came home, I was stress eating with rice and ice cream!

It was unbelievable and I’m surprised I even survived it. Ghad.

I hope tomorrow will be better. Please.