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Review: Becoming

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I’ve always wanted to read this book! That’s why I’m so happy that I finally got the chance and did it!

I mean, I’ve always loved Michelle Obama (and I miss her so terribly!!!) but I think I just loved her even more after reading her book!

Man… the respect I have for her. She’s the epitome of strength and grace. Her life story was so inspiring. From her humble beginnings, her drive to be better, to succeed and to be a symbol for all. She did all that by herself.

After reading her book, there’s a fire in me to want to be better, too. To contribute to the society like she did. I know it will be a feat but hey, baby steps are still steps moving forward.

Anyway, I especially liked the part when Barack Obama was finally introduced!!! They are truly the “relationship goal”! How they love and support each other through thick and thin. How they shaped their life to be the best version of themselves… They found their soul mate with each other. I really giggled when she highlighted their cute moments together especially at the beginning. HAHA!

And then after¬† finishing the book, I started watching a hundred more Michelle Obama videos on youtube! HAHA! I wish she’ll write a new book soon!

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