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January is full of BoA news and I can’t handle it!

With her upcoming comeback, both Korean and Japanese, BoA has been very out there, guesting in one show and another, and even having her own show on VLive!

There’s 4 episodes currently out now. And all short episodes have subs!

Basically, the show is highlights the production of her upcoming mini album. In the four episodes out at the moment, they showed BoA with a number of staff planning for her concept, all the while, Key was at the back, filming.

This is the first time that we’ll see just how her whole process goes! They were only short episodes but you can see how meticulous and tedious the planning is.

Like a true creative director, she has her own vision on how to re-introduce herself instead of appearing as the BoA everybody already knows. Always reinventing herself. She has passion and spark! It’s hard to get your eyes off her! Haha!But she was really funny too! Omg! And she never fails to mention her love for Red Velvet’s Red Flavor! Hahahah! She’s the best!I’m glad that Key’s the one with her for this program. Imm anticipating more episodes!