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It was because of this WinWin episode with BoA that sparked my sudden addiction to YunBoA pairing. It was the most unexpected thing that ever happened in my fangirling history. And although it’s something that’s been preoccupying most of my time in unbelievable ways imaginable, I am proud to say that I REGRET NOTHING :3

Because of YunBoA, I started to get back into writing. HAHA, I’m not even what you would call a great writer but I’ve already have people like and follow my stories so that’s actually really flattering. LOL!

Besides that, I also got to practice my photoshop skillzzzzzzz :3

I’m prolly one of the very few people who ships YunBoA actively and actually contribute in this fandom. HAHA! So with That. Lemme just share with you some of my YunBoA graphics. I didn’t know I created a lot already until I decided to make this master post. HAHA!

Well, without further ado:


^ This is actually the very first YunBoA graphic I did! Gosh! It’s so nostalgic just thinking about it now. Even after so many months since I did this, This is still one of my most favorite output to date. And oh, text was an excerpt from “Only One“. That’s my favorite part of the song ❤

underthemistletoe_by_eyes2blues^ I debated whether to include this or not coz it’s not really an edit, edit… But yeah… Anyway, it’s a sorta poster for my Christmas themed fanfic titled Under The Mistletoe.

Choose Me^ After the first YunBoA edit I did, I had this compulsion to do more and true enough, I did a whole bunch of them eventually. The text was an excerpt from my most most most fave BoA song of all time, “Love Letter”.


^ And here’s the poster of my current ongoing fanfic on AFF. Dangerous Territory is stressing me out and I wish to finish writing it as soon as possible. HAHA!

yes i will by eyes2blues

^ I created this picture for my YunBoA drabble titled Yes, I Will. I like the drabble but for this, I wish I could’ve done something better. I should’ve gone and researched more BoA picture I can use instead of settling. Oh well, towel. Just read the little drabble instead :3


^ Well, I really suck at digital art and I guess my struggles was greatly exemplified in this very ugly fanfic poster……… I like Heart’s Desire but this poster is just so… Ugh!


^ Eventually is one of my most favorite one shot even up to this date. It was simple, direct but heart warming. I truly believe that the two are just caught up with the friendship that they both share that’s why they can’t cross the line as of yet. Woot for some delusional outbursts! Gomen…

summer haze

^ Thanks to amazing textures, I get to create presentable fanedits. HAHA! This is what happened here. Read Summer Haze now!


^ I have this great vision as to how I should make the poster for Introductions. And then I kinda messed it up and now I hate myself for it </3


^ Err… Kinda rushed? Iuno. I swear I have a something going on for this one shot poster and it just evaporated into thin air… HAHA! I actually like Umbrella though. A bit angsty but at least I maneuvered it back into the right track ❤

Excuses copy

^ A bit of YunBoJoong angst. If I ever make a love triangle, I always use Jaejoong as the other man. HAHA!!! Excuses is a long fic. I worked hard on it and tried to be creative and shizzz. I hope it showed somehow? HAHA! You’ll be the judge of that!


^ HAHA, a little of my perv slipped out as I was writing this. I mean hello, BOUNDARIES. I did not write explicit scenes, okay, but oh you know… A little dominant Yunho is kinda fun to write so yeah :3 Oh! A little ChangToria, too!!! I write this as the scandal between the two errupted :3


Boundaries is a bit mild. Burning, however, is just asdfghjkl. I don’t know. I think I need to hide under a rock after writing such a… Errr… suggestive story…………. HAHA! Not a lot of people understood the significant of BoA’s last line but if you do, oh gawd… *flipping tables*


^ Another YunBoJoong one shot!!! Writing this story was strange… Iuno… My approach was really different somehow. I’m not sure if I can categorize it as second POV but I might just have written something of some sort and in a weird sort of way, too.. I like how Rivalry was written, though. Do check it out!


^ First of all, lemme just say how much I like the poster for Never Again. Like omfg, I don’t even know but I was very pleased as I finished this image. The subtle change in font style and the pictures used… I thought I did good… Yeah, yeah…. Such an arrogant thing to say but IDC. You’re not gonna ruin my mood <3. On a different note, I also recommend you read this coz I freakin’ spent so much time on this. All the research paid of anyway so wee~

Since I only kinda post all those fanedits that accompanies my fanfics, you prolly haven’t seen the other YunBoA edits I have stashed away on my Tumblr blog so lemme just post them up here for your convenience ❤


^ And here, is an image that was supposed to be the original poster for Never Again. But I kept on tweaking and tweaking it and as I was cleaning some parts I kinda zoomed in to this:


And OMG, this is perfection. I know any person making an edit would want to show the faces of their subject but as soon as this portion showed up on my screen, I just have to crop the original image and post this on Tumblr instead. HAHA!!! With this, it gives a more sensual and mysterious flare to it, wouldn’t you think? Don’t hate :3

And oh, because of same reason, I couldn’t use this anymore for my fic. Too misleading…


^ Before anything else, I did not make the BoA picture in the wedding dress. But I was the one who made this YunBoA picture. Ahhhhhh…. Bride and Groom!!! How I wish to see this even as a photoshoot, commercial, something… ANYTHING! Also, I keep on using that Yunho picture coz he’s just so handsome in it, it hurts… </3


^ Oh, I also tried to experiment on photoshop and well, this is the end product of that adventure. Hihihi!!! It’s not hard to to TBH but it needs a great deal of concentration… And oh, just in case anybody’s interested, below is the raw picture for this gif picture:

yunboa gif 2

^ Lyrics is obviously from “Only One“.

yunboa love in the ice

^ And then a real quick YunBoA edit featuring the lyrics from “Love in the Ice” because this song gives me the right amount of feels. HAHA!!! I still love this song so sooo much ❤


^ Tumblr fanedits inspired me, thus. I’ll make more of this type of YunBoA pictures. I just can’t concentrate enough at the moment and that sucks. Grrr…! Well, an excerpt from “Love Letter” because it’s seriously the best BoA song EVER.

YunBoA bed

^ HAHA! I could not resist!!! Yunho on a bed?! I needa make a sorta edit that’ll end up into a YunBoA somehow so tadah~ This time, I used the lyrics for “Not Over U“.


^ This particular photoshoot of BoA was one of my fave fave fave (I think it’s from High Cut) photoshoot of all time. And then incidentally, I saw a similar looking Yunho picture and tadah~ (I’m kinda lame whenever I start doing YunBoA fanedits…)yunboa-couple

^ Oh! YunBoA blast from the past!!! It’s kinda regretful that I couldn’t conceptualize and layout this picture a bit better than this but at least the main idea is still there… It think? Well, isn’t it cute to see baby YunBoA and a parallel adult YunBoA in hanbok?! Coz I mean, my feels was tremendous when I saw it! Hihi!!! Oh, sunflowers gotta be one of my main element here as well! To me, sunflower represents YunBoA ❤


^ Just a glimpse of YunBoA. It’s supposed to be a pure BoA fan edit but how can you expect me not to include my Yunho here?! Thus.


^ Would it be so shameless of me if I say that when I wrote Future, it felt like it’s something I can call a masterpiece…? LOLOLOLOLOL! I kid :3 But seriously though, I thought it was a story with just the right amount of comedy, fluff, sincerity and personality. Iuno. I had an immediate attachment to it. DO NOT JUDGE ME.


^ And then finally, down to my last YunBoA fanedit as of late. This image was inspired by BoA’s latest OST entitled “Between Heaven and Hell“. OMG. this song gives me feels… You don’t even know! And then after reading the lyrics, I know I was done for… |||OTL. Gosh. Amazing song and lyrics that it was enough to compel me to do this. I hope you like it!


Gosh, There’s a ton of edit already! My gawd… I’ll update this and make this a master post. Make sure to visit often. Hihi!