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Review: The Winner’s Crime

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Winner’s Crime is about the consequence of Kestrel’s choice of working against her country in what she thought was for the greater good of everyone. She took it upon herself to become the spy and help the Herran learn about the King’s dirty schemes and then uncovering even darker secrets… all along, while preparing for her royal wedding with the prince!

Winner’s Curse set the tone for book two but Winner’s Crime is far more sinister than the first book. The inticiacies of politics within the kingdom was really brought to light and you can’t help but appreciate Rutkoski’s ability to build this world to make Kestrel the girl that would eventually turn the tables. I was really blown away. It was all well thought of! I gotta admit that I loved the political tone of this book over Kestrel’s and Arin’s love story. And if I’m being truly honest, it was not my favorite part of the story…

Anyway, in this book, Kestrel played a really big role. Took on bolder risks. And the consequences of those decisions were also great beyond what anybody could have imagined. It was the biggest shock of my life because she ended up truly being alone. I wouldn’t spoil what happened in the end but know that this is such a good read!

Especially during that chapter where her friend Jess exploded and revealed why she distanced herself from Kestrel. At that point, it was just pure rush! Ugh. It was really good! And we learned so much about their world. We were also introduced to a lot of new characters as well. One of them is Verex, Kestrel’s betrothed. I honestly thought I would hate the guy but he ended up being such an endearing character who became a real companion to Kestrel. He really looked after her until the end!

Tensen, another key character that was introduced, was also an easy favorite. We can feel that he truly cared for Herran and Arin and he would do whatever it is to protect his country. I was glad for him because he was able to give reasons to Arin during those times when he was being unobliging. Honestly, Arin could be so involved with his own feelings that he’s unable to see the bigger picture. I guess although there’s a reason why he was so unpleasant as part of the build up for the third book, it was still so difficult to read. But just get through with that and you have nothing but appreciation for this book!

But yeah, such a great book. Kestrel’s selflessness was something you’ll really come to appreciate.

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