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Last Weekend of March

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I guess we’re ending the month on a positive note.

So last Friday, R picked me up coz I’ll be spending the weekend over at their house.

He’s early, as usual. After greeting my mom and my brother, we left to have dinner at Bon Chon.

My ghad, I reallt love their chicken! If only they’re at least a little cheaper, I’d be eating there more often! But since I can’t, I’ll just make sure to make the most out of it so this time, I finished ALL of my chicken and even ate rice with it! I know I’m on a Keto Diet but you can’t eat their chicken without rice! It’s just not how the way to go.

So, the dinner put me in an absolute awesome mood.

After dinner, I asked him if we can go to Michael’s since it’s within the area. So we walked there and explored the place. Lot. Welp, at least me. I spent a good time looking at art materials since I’m thinking of trying out watercolors…

But I don’t have watercolors, a brush or even a sketchbook so I didn’t buy anything. Anyway, they sell stuff for so much more! So after out last stop for the night at Tony’s, we came home and I went on his computer so I can go on Amazon and order my watercolors and ermegherd. I happened to click a related link and got to buy an even better watercolor set for a VERY reasonable price!!!!

The one I originally was looking for was a 12 half pan set for $21 but I got this set for a very cheap price but with so much more colors!!!! Ahhh! I almost screamed! That was such a steal! I can’t wIt to use it as soon as I get myself a watercolor sketchbook soon. Really hoping it’s soon…

Anyway, now for the highlight of the weekend, we watched Anastasia the Broadway Musical last Saturday! It was great!!! But before that, we had lunch at Shake Shack. Yes, in Chicago! It was full of people but we were lucky enough yo find a spot and since it’s a big table, I asked two teens to share the space with them. After lunch, we walked to the theater. After the amazing show, we went out and stopped by Argo’s Tea.

It’s not my first time seeing this place but it was the first time we checked out the place and omg, they are amazing! I love tea so it was delightful to see so many flavors they could offer! They even have free cold tea to try so we did and I loved it so much, I bought two bottles to go!

We ended the night eating at Ahjooma’s Apron. Like yeah, yeah… all we did was wat and I actually feel bad about it but oh well… FOOD.

The food there was good but bad service. I can’t believe how much time they made us wait just for them to hand out the freakin’ menu! The menu!!! It should be the forst thing they should’ve given us to begin with. But oh well… at least the side dishes was plentiful and the food was big.

It seemed like all we did was eat that day…

And we even continued it to today, Sunday, when went to lunch at Ming Hin with R’s whole family.

My ghad. I ate so much today I feel like my weight shot back up. Ugh. And even after that knowledge, I still want ahead and asked R to buy me a honeydew milk tea.

Ughhhhhh. I ate so much carbs, it’s nkt even funny! Oh well… at least I had fun. But I’m sleepy now so I can’t re-read what I wrote… good night!