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A Little Inquiry

In Everyday,Life,Personal on May 21, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , , ,

So earlier today, one of my Filipino coworker told me that he found this lab that is hiring for CAD/CAM so he thought of me.

The place was around Downer’s Grove and if I can get pass over my driving anxiety, I think I can go there if I decide to jump ships.

But of course, I need to know more about the other lab so I called them earlier.

So apparently, they are a smaller lab. They only have one scanner (we have four that we use all at the same time), they scan about 30 cases (my usual is about 50-60 uninterrupted but there’s still left overs after all those), they get about 6-7 implant cases (we prolly get quadruple of that), and they outsource a lot of their job (we mill and process almost every case in the lab, about 98% of our cases).

On top of that, they are still not into the digital dentistry so they don’t have 3d printing and some form of digital designs.

Their office is also only operating from Monday to Friday, from 8 to 5pm. We operate from as early as 430am to 10pm. And there’s also weekend shift for some. That’s how I get precious overtime too. Very important to get dem extra cash.

I haven’t event cited the other stuff that makes our lab different from them but yeah, I don’t think it’ll make me grow to move from a bigger lab to a smaller lab like theirs. And the place was farther from me (I need to take the freeway!) and the increase was only about a dollar or something from what I’m getting so… I may have to pass this opportunity because of several reasons.

If I need to move, it’ll be at a similar lab or bigger. Or if it is smaller, I need an offer that is at least 5$ more than what I’m earning to make it competitive for me.

But hey, at least this is still a start! I haven’t been looking for a new job actively but still, it’s a start :3