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In Life,Personal on June 11, 2018 by lexie-chan Tagged: , , , ,

It’s E’s last day on Friday. I have to do something!

So I asked my boss if we’re gonna plan out something for her farewell party and my boss told me to go to the conference room to talk in private.

He told me that he’s not against the idea of throwing a farewell party for E but it needs to be employee funded.

And I mean, I really understand his point of view. How she’s leaving to go to a competitor’s lab and that his dad won’t like it so he can’t use the company’s card to pay for the meal.

And I’m like, he’s the freakin’ Vice President of our company. He earns about 70-80k annually too (prolly more now). Sure, granted that it is a ‘conflict of interest’ that she’s going to a competitor’s lab that’s why he can’t use the company’s credit card, can’t he use his own?

The bill is freakin’ 132$ in total.

For a man of his position, I don’t think that amount is so hard for him to pull out of his own pocket…